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Why Do We Need To Know About Soils

Why do we need to know about soil?
Soil and climate are ultimately responsible for producing the majority of our food, clothing, housing and overseas funds.
Certain regions such as the Waikato have soils and climate that are particularly suited to the growth of grass and other pasture species, fruits and vegetables.
Because of this the Waikato has developed into a rich dairying area and has a high potential for horticultural production.

As a consequence, Hamilton City and surrounding towns have prospered.
If the soils were less suited for plant growth this may not have been the case, civilisations have risen and fallen on the capabilities or disadvantages of their soil.
It is vital that an understanding of soils be developed so unfavourable soil conditions can be improved, and soils best suited for specific purposes be recognised and preserved.
Soils have uses other than agricultural, such as for engineering in road construction, dam fill, house foundations and effluent disposal.
In many ways soils can be regarded as a non-renewable resource that should be respected and preserved for future generations.
With this view in mind town and city planners are required to protect the most valuable soils in their area from urban development.