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> Topic:- Understanding Soils

Topic:- Understanding Soils

We briefly examine the old age issue of need to know.

Basic features and identifying different soils are covered to allow you to understand their commonality as well as differences.


Soils is an Important Agricultural Resource:-

  each soil has a unique set of soil properties that make one soil more suitable for a particular use than another.

Why Do We Need to Know About Soils?:-

  knowledge and managing soils affects our lives.

Soil Features:-

  soil is a complex material produced from the interaction of 5 Soil Forming Factors.

Soil Formation Sequence and Features:-

about the layers (horizons) that together form a soil profile.

Why and How Are Soils Different?:-

not all soils will have the same properties. Soil scientists are able to make a number of interpretations based on observed soil properties.

How are Soils Classified?:-

on phsyical, chemical and morphological characteristics (see further details in the topic Classification).

Naming the Soil and Soil Maps:-

the names that are generally used and how soil maps devised.
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