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> Topic:- Classifying Soils

Topic:- Classifying Soils

The Basics Of Soils covers some of the various features and facits of soil in general, its' importance and formation.

This topic provides for a basic coverage of soils and can be followed for some more in-depth topics in Understanding Soils and Describing Soils.


Soil Orders:-

New Zealand has a diverse range of soils:- the North and South Island in a comparative and interactive set of maps that show the Soil Order, area, and detailed descriptions of soil orders.

Soil Orders:-

15 orders with their descriptions and features, a reference for classification and identification.

Soil Classification Correlation:-

each of the 15 orders in tables for cross-referencing between the NZ Classification and US Taxonomy systems.

Example Soil Groups and Series:-

WAIKATO:  detail examples of soil Series for ALLOPHANIC SOILS, PODZOL SOILS, GLEY SOILS.
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