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> Topic:- Describing Soils

Topic:- Describing Soils

Learn about the methods for describing soils that supports the soil scientist in communicating and identifying about soils.

We provide some powerful and unique interactive tools through the use of flowcharts to help in defining a soil and make the texture triangle interactive to gain an understanding of the relationship of classes and groups defined from their base of Silt, Clay and Sand.


Soil Descriptions:-

looks at how to describe the physical characteristics of horizons in a soil profile.

Aspects In Describing Soils:-

use of the soil description, choosing a site, and how to recognise horizons.

Describing Soils by their Size and Abundance:-

there are a number of classes used to describe abundance.


described using the relative proportion of sand, silt and clay in a sample soil.  The use of classes and groups to describe soils.  These are presented with interactive tools such as constructing a triangle with its classes.
Pattern and Distinctness Features:- use of terms such as anastomosing, crenulated and radiating.

Soil Colour and The Colour Table


Peds; the building blocks of a soil.  We look at the types of structural units include peds, clods, fragments, and the shape and spaces between aggregates.

Surface Features:-

also help in describing the soil with terms such as carbonate, fracture faces, and how continuous the feature is.

Interactive Flowcharts:-

help you to refine the choice and description for Texture Classess, Structure and Pedality.
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