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> Topic:- Farm Survey

Topic:- Farm Survey

The Farm Survey provide you with a practical example of identifying and mapping the soils of an area of land.

This survey is interesting in that it also shows that there can be many types of soils within the one area, which then would require soil management appropriate to each of the soil types.


The Farm Survey:-

an overview of the survey undertaken


use the interactive map for identification and selection of soils.  Use the flowchart to identify specific soils based on criteria about soils.

The survey:-

We provide in the example a soil map identifying soil groups, detailed soil characteristics and discussion on patterns and findings.

Soils Identified:

- Horotiu Silt Loam
- Bruntwood Silt Loam and variant
- Te Kowhai soils
- Te Rapa soils
- Matangi Silt Loam

Discussion of Findings:-

Soils were mapped as soil units.  The Hinuera Formation is the main Parent Material for this survey area.

Matangi Silt Loam:-

An interesting discovery; the Matangi Silt Loam is thought to be a new soil.
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