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> Topic Overview:- The Basics of Soils

Topic Overview:- The Basics of Soils

The Basics Of Soils covers some of the various features and facits of soil in general, its' importance and formation.

This topic provides for a basic coverage of soils and can be followed for some more in-depth topics in Understanding Soils and Describing Soils.


It's not just rock, clumps, lumps, mud and stones:
Soil is the loose collection of broken and chemically weathered rock mixed with organic and living matter on the earth's surface capable of supporting plants.

Soils are Important: soil and climate are ultimately responsible for how well we can produce our food.

The Five Soil Forming factors: climate, parent material, living organisms, time, topography.
Soil  properties: include aggregates, structure, consistency, texture, colour, and the chemical and physical properties.

Soil Maps: make or use one to show types and location of soils.

A Most Precious Resource:  Soils are an important agricultural resource for pastures, forestry and horticulture.

The taxonomic units: of order, group, subgroup and soilform are used to classify soils.
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